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The Meditation Society of America is dedicated to sharing the joys and benefits of meditation with all seekers everywhere. One of the chief tenets of the Society is that all techniques of all traditions should be available to whoever wishes to know and use them. To help disseminate the specific "How-To" of the different meditations, the Meditation Station web page has been created with an intention of sharing as many techniques and concepts as possible that can be transmitted in writing. For those meditations that are best taught directly from person to person, all interested students are invited to come to the Philadelphia area and participate in one of the classes that are being offered at 4 adult education programs or sign up for private lessons with the instructor, Bob Rose, RNC.

If you are interested in joining the Meditation Society of America, please leave your e-mail address or postal address and you will be sent membership information, or you can order online on the Merchandise page.

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